‘It’s so fluffy’ with Mobile

‘It’s so fluffy’ with Mobile

A true story of the tri-fecta usage of Phone, Laptop & Tablet

phone_desktop_tabletMobile is clearly not a fad as there are billions of users for these devices all over the world. In the world of mobile connectivity we are fortunate with many options including phone, desktop/laptop as well as tablet. Each of these devices offers their various advantages and disadvantages. However, there has been furious debate about the right device for the right use case. It’s not so clear and having access to each provides the best user experience. Let me elaborate…

Our personal use case starts on a typical Saturday morning where my wonderful wife and I leisurely wake up.  Then we head for the living room and logon to our laptops to check e-mail or browse the internet for the latest news.

brandee_phoneNext, she picks up her phone to head to the kitchen to pre-heat the oven for the bread baking. Also, I made a trip to the local grocery store/supermarket in order to obtain these ingredients. Of course I was equipped with my phone also.

Then, this last part of a Mobile-Trefecta.  While still in the morning time, and after my wife had used both her laptop and phone devices, I look over to see her on the tablet.  Why would she use all of these various devices within such a short period of time and without any suggestion to use any of them???  Because she had done all her creative work such as create a recipe list (on her laptop), then she used her phone (for convenience) and then finally her tablet to consume without the need to be burdened by the size of the laptop.

brandee its so fluffyThe answer is simple, people will use the most convenient device for the right usage. In summary it was really interesting to witness this real ‘case study’ as it unfolded. While it was interesting to me personally I can also confirm that it allowed my wife to have a happy weekend morning because of all her Mobile devices….and therefore, Mobile is NOT a Fad.