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Firefox OS – Great idea before it’s time

All credit for this article is attributed to ’09 Dec 2015, 04:33, by Peter K’ of Get a handkerchief ready and prepare to wave goodbye to one of the underdogs on the mobile OS scene – Firefox OS. Unfortunately,

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IoT is all about Wearables

Below is an interesting graphic that shows Wearables are the run-away winner for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications.

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‘It’s so fluffy’ with Mobile

A true story of the tri-fecta usage of Phone, Laptop & Tablet Mobile is clearly not a fad as there are billions of users for these devices all over the world. In the world of mobile connectivity we are fortunate

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Are you ready for the iWatch?

It’s T-Minus 2 hours until Apple announces the not-so-surprising iWatch.  Are you ready?  Will you buy?  What features are you looking for?

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The Ultimate Guide to Freeing Up Space on Your iPhone in iOS 7

This is a re-post from a great article from and all credit is due to them.  The URL is ***************************************************************************** Running out of storage space on your iPhone is annoying, but trying to free some up is downright aggravating. Until

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Social Networks are Mobile-First

Source:  comScore Question:  % of time spent on social networks in the United States, by platform* Platform Desktop Mobile 1. Facebook 32% 68% 2. Twitter 14% 86% 3. Instagram 2% 98% 4. LinkedIn 74% 26% 5. Pinterest 8% 92% 6.

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Mobile Capture/Box Cloud Storage solution

Use Case:  Mobile devices continue to proliferate among users all over the world at an astonishing rate.  While the benefits of ‘consuming’ information and content on mobile is rather obvious these days, these devices offer other fantastic opportunities to take advantage

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Mobile as a Ubiquitous Information Capture device

Ubiquitous information capture from Kevin Neal Array

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Mobileforce – Mobile is everywhere at Salesforce Dreamforce

If you had to select from the list below what the world’s largest gathering of scanning technology would be, what would be your guess? The AIIM conference The ARMA conference The CES tradeshow The Macworld conference None of the above

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UPMC plans to roll out 2,000 Microsoft tablets to make EHR access truly mobile

UPMC plans to roll out 2,000 Microsoft tablets to make EHR access truly mobile. Array

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